4th December 2018

A frost laden morning, when I awoke I knew I needed to stop off at Watling Wood, it would have to be quick, have to be hurried, which I didn’t want it to have to be, but with the world washed white outside I felt the urge to stop to create some images.

On the way to the hospital to collect my wife, who was being discharged after some investigations, I pulled in at the side of the road and promised myself half an hour, no more. I had to be decisive, walk immediately to the area where I was likely to get the best shots and then be on my way.

Suzanna would have loved the frost, would have loved sharing the experience with me.

I overran, sent a hasty message to my wife, jumped in the car and headed to Durham. We waited six hours before she was finally discharged! Spent the day waiting with bags packed.

Little did I know that it would be the beginning of a downward spiral. On 4th December my wife was given a diagnosis of cancer. On 23rd December she died at Willow Burn hospice in Lanchester.