BIPP Associate Panel

I submitted a panel of twenty images with supporting evidence to the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) in 2008 as an application for my Associate Qualification. The panel had to be of an extremely high standard, within a specific category and all the images had to be commissioned with evidence to back the images up. I chose to submit a portfolio of fashion images as this was an area I was working in regularly at the time. I had hundreds of images to choose from and to reduce them down to just twenty was a difficult process. The images had to work individually but also as part of a collection and part of the process was to create a display layout to show how you wanted the images displayed during the assessment. The photographs were taken over the space of a year commissioned as magazine editorial photography.

As part of the panel I had to write a working profile:

Working Profile

“I feel driven to create something different. I strive to produce images that capture the attention of the viewer; whether it’s the lighting, the composition, the location or the model’s pose, I want my images to stand out, make a statement – and a truly lasting impact.

Though the concept may be simple, I like to give each image an innovative slant which surprises and grabs the attention of the viewer. I approach every shoot by considering how I can tackle it differently and produce something which fits the concept, yet surpasses the original vision.

I see myself as highly versatile. Whether the shoot epitomises classic elegance or contemporary fashion, I approach it with the same determination to create a stylish and memorable image – and I believe the results reflect this. I try to keep the technical aspects as uncomplicated as possible using available light or single flash heads for most of my work. I use contrast and colour to create impact and often place my subjects in a larger scene which adds to the whole effect.

I believe I go the extra mile to put a stamp of innovation, dedication and passion on my work.”

ABIPP Visual Guide Simon Green

Simon Green - ABIPP Working ProfileSimon Green - ABIPP Working ProfileSimon Green - ABIPP Working Profile