The blackness disappears into the horizon.
Three lanes of empty motorway
only distinguishable
from the surrounding embankments
by the intermittent glow of coloured cats eyes
The road has been sprinting
under my wheels for hours
White lines waver in sleep deprived hallucinations
Trailing behind me, tail light scarlet
haemorrhages onto the unravelling tarmac.
A soft blanket of tiredness has wrapped itself tightly around my shoulders.
The gentle promise of sleep
soft and warm against my skin
I roll down the window
allowing the slipstream to enter
and momentarily ease
the uncomfortable monotony from my face
Creeping towards me from the horizon
appear the ice white glow of roadside lights
searing through the darkness
suspended in the night
floating closer
like planes leaving a midnight runway
Pools of illumination
flood across concrete grey
Eyes sting
straining under bleaching lights
artificial daylight contributing
to my enduring tedium
The cool night’s breath fails
to prevent my heavy lids
from continuing
their gradually extending decent
Jerking to alertness stray wheels thumping
over rumble strip boundaries
heart pounding
adrenaline raging
I turn on the radio for distraction
but the hushed tones
of night time broadcasting
make my body plead for slumber
Too far to go not enough time to stop
Can’t continue, eyes flickering, slipping closed.