I wish

I wish for time to slow down, for the hours to stop fleeting by like seconds and the seconds to stop rushing past like insects on the wind For the ink in my pen to never stop flowing for the inspiration to make sense when I transfer it to the page For the future to stop trying to surprise me for my plans to make it to the end without some unexpected wrinkle twisting it to something else For the results to materialise without so much stress For the effort to be worthwhile without being overshadowed by doubt for it all to be less of a gamble when there are kids and family and loved ones involved For the landscape to keep offering itself to me and to keep finding hidden locations that I have never seen before sunsets I will never see again whispers of waves that will never speak to me the same again For the flowers and plants in my garden to keep growing to stay alive even though my fingers are not really that green For the stability to remain for the security to never fail again For the striving, the endeavour to be worth it all in the end For my mind to stop churning For my consciousness to stop overworking For the concern for everything that doesn’t matter or that I can’t do anything about no longer keep me awake For my family to be safe in their beds at night and their lives in the day For the turmoil that is still chasing me to finally lose its way to be left behind me only as a reminder of how bad things can get For someday to find my peace