Powerlifting Videos

In partnership with Fatboy Strong Photography, filmmaker Simon Green produces videos of YNEPF / EPF / British Powerlifting events.
Because of its success we only offer a single standard product.
The ONE MINUTE HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO is set to music and costs just £35.00.
For other options please contact us

To buy a ONE MINUTE HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO, please pay through Paypal using the yellow button below.
While you are making the payment in Paypal, please leave a message with the following details:
•Full name of lifter
•Competition Name / Date
•Details of group / flight / time of day
• Description of lifter / outfit
• Any other details that will help to identify the lifter

Alternatively send the details to simon@simongreen.co.uk or use the contact page ensuring that your Paypal payment details are included.
Videos can take up to two weeks for turnaround from ordering, however are usually ready in a much shorter time.
Once your Highlights video is ready it will be sent to you by Wetransfer online transfer service.

For any further questions or queries please contact us: simon@simongreen.co.uk or use the contact page