SCI-FI-LONDON 48 Hour Film Challenge

Recently (eighteen months or so) my work has been taking a swerve towards moving image. It has been a tough decision that I have been fighting with internally on a daily basis: trying desperately to cling on to stills photography that has been part of my professional and personal life for twenty years. In the battle for my passions though, moving image has become the victor, catalysed amongst other things by SCI-FI-LONDON’s 48hr film challenge which took place this weekend.

At 11am on Saturday, my wife, son and I sat in Wetherspoon’s stocking up on the calories that we knew we would need to survive what would no doubt be a long and sleepless weekend. I logged into the SCIFI-London website and read out our brief:

Title:  Son of the Father
Prop: Paper – a character reads what is written on it (handwritten or typed), folds it up
Dialogue: Try to keep your thinking inside the box, just for a change.
Science (optional): Engineers discover some initials on a new-found nano particle

We started brainstorming, scribbling down ideas, but we knew pretty quickly what we were going to do. I’d already had the idea and thankfully the brief fitted with it very well.

I spent the morning writing a script, by late afternoon it had been read over and fine tuned and we filled two cars with equipment and headed out to the shooting location for our evening shoot. We hoped that by getting it done on the first night, any problems that arose could be resolved on the second night.

We worked until one in the morning, with only a couple of minor glitches, the shoot went surprisingly well and we had a good laugh as a family. Today (Sunday) I have edited, put a basic sound track together, created sound effects and basic visual effects and put together the finished film. We are almost a day ahead of the deadline and the film is ready to be submitted.

I don’t expect anything to come of it, I don’t expect our little, nothing budget film to win anything, especially when there are massive scale film studios competing as well, but it has been a brilliant experience and has solidified my desire to shoot films.