‘This Is Stanley’ Premiere screening

Regardless of how hard I work or of how much effort I put into a project, I always doubt how successful it will be. Almost every day for six months I was either photographing, filming, editing or planning the project that would become ‘This Is Stanley’. There were some problems along the way, some resistance, negativity, there were even times where I wanted to give it all up and walk away. There was also the mental health problems that have hung around my neck for the last five years and continued until the last day of the project. It was only my stubbornness that got me through; when someone tells me I can’t do something, it makes me more determined to do it.

On the 31st July 2016 my first feature length documentary film ‘ This Is Stanley’ showed at the Civic Hall in Stanley, County Durham. Until the moment that the lights dimmed and the projector started, I was convinced that it would fail; that something would go wrong and the project would be a disappointment. Thankfully that did not happen though and thanks to the hard work of everyone involved the night was a huge success. The Hall was packed, the response was incredibly positive and people are continuing to visit the exhibition and watch the film on TV screens at the Civic.

It is not over yet by any means. The exhibition continues throughout August and we are currently looking at other venues to show the film and exhibition.

additional photographs by David Mills