‘This Is Stanley’

A life changing project for me, ‘This Is Stanley’ started as an idea for a small photography, but grew exponentially into an hour long documentary and an exhibition of over two hundred photographic images. Over six months with the assistance of one of the creators of Stanley Fringe, Kevin Reay, I interviewed, photographed and drank tea with over a hundred people who worked and lived in the town of Stanley.

The documentary film depicted different viewpoints of the town from people of all age groups and the images showed them in their working and living environments. The film showed at a premiere on the 31st July 2016 at Stanley Civic Hall to an audience of four hundred people. The exhibition continued for the following month, before travelling to several other venues in the area. Now two years since the initial release I am releasing the film online, mostly for prosperity but because since the film was made so many things have changed in the town. The need for investment that residents discussed in the film, is now beginning in part to happen and hopefully it will be the beginning of change in the town.

There was some resistance to the film initially, but through a number of key people championing the film, it became a successful project.