Two Thousand and Fifteen

2015 started with little hope. Failed in January by yet another psychologist, I hit rock bottom once again. It felt as though the harder I tried to improve my life and ongoing mental health problems that the worse things became. Photography had taken a backseat for a few years, writing was starting to become a bigger part of my life though and I never expected to go back to photography.

That all changed though when the best mate who I had been slowly loosing contact with came up to the North East for a week. We travelled from the top of Northumberland to the beaches of Teeside and back again and within an hour of setting off on the first day the relentless passion for photography returned.

After that week, everything began to improve and hasn’t stopped since. It has been an amazing year, full of opportunity. I have travelled all over the North East, the country, to the other side of the world. Both my writing and my photography have opened doors for me and I have met some wonderfully supportive people while I have been doing it.

2016 is going to be a fantastic year.

Below are a small selection of the thousands of photographs I have taken this year.