What A Year!

At the end of 2015 I could not have imagined what a year 2016 was going to be. I was struggling to take hold of anything in my life and make it work. 2015 had presented some progress along with the usual difficulties that mental health problems bring, but nothing truly significant. Within days of the 1st of January though, previous possabilities became fruitful. Workshops and photography projects, meeting new people, becoming part of groups and interactions, spoken word performances and exhibitions, film premiere, travel, my life that had been mostly uneventful for several years became hectic.

And it was all over in a flash. The events of the last year have proven that maybe I do have a purpose (i’m still not sure what it is) and perhaps I can take control of the problems that have plagued me for several years; that there is a new chapter opening in my life.

Below are a few of the many images that I have taken in the last year.