Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams Photographer

One of the pioneers of photography, renowned for his incredible Black and White landscapes.
Adams was responsible for the Zone System and introducing the teaching of photography into Art Schools. His images are the benchmark for landscape and black and white photography.

Giles Penfound

A former photographer of conflict, now documenting homegrown stories, this film is a very deep, thoughtful insight into photographic context.

Dayanita Singh

Dayanita Singh, 2022 winner of the Hassleblad Award is a documentary photographer, who’s primary exhibition format is the book or book-object. She want’s everybody to be able to own her work and not just those that can afford an expensive piece of work.

Her images are very much interconnected and narrative and often autobiographical and usually centring around people.

Andreas Gursky

Gursky is a photographer who creates large format landscape and architectural photographs. His work reaches the highest prices for photography. Rhein II sold for $4,338,500 dollars in 2011. His work continues to sell for millions.

His photography is usually very simple, high resolution and printed large format. He uses large format film cameras, the negatives are scanned and then manipulated digitally.

Alex Bamford

Originally an advertising art director Alex Bamford’s photography is of a highly graphical nature, clever composition, abstract textures and colours and stylised work.