First Level 2 Course

After the first course, there were lots of things that I could see needed adjusting. The course ran relatively smoothly and the issues were mostly administrative; enrolment, computer logons, large numbers. I am determined for those issues to be largely eradicated for the next course and have put in an extra week at the beginning as a buffer, so that by the first teaching week, everyone should be at the same place.

I have also changed my teaching resources, building a comprehensive photography knowledge base, which will be built upon as courses progress and as other topics are identified. The intention is to have a single resource, rather than multiple resources for different courses at the same level.

The Level 1 course worked well at 6 weeks and I am confident the Level 2 will run successfully at 10 weeks. It is very short compared to the 15, 20 week or year long Level 2 courses I have seen elsewhere, however I am keen to maintain momentum by keeping the courses short and moving students onto the next level. I am not entirely sure how successful the courses will be as short and sharp, however I am just testing things out at the moment.

January 2022

The Level 2 course went very well. 8 Students, a perfect number really, with a range of skills on entry, however most of them had attended the first course. The standard throughout was exceptional, students engaged, discussed and the conversation alone was worth the course. 10 weeks was enough, however I can see the necessity for longer, with adult students because of other priorities. I am not convinced another course will run however and my attentions will be moving to the CIC I have now set up. Ideally there would be more time for tutorials, one-to-one, more practical, however this would be more beneficial in a level 3 course.