One of my very favourite images from my past work. It graced the front cover of Wed Magazine @wedmagazine about twelve years ago.
Dancers make fantastic models and I’ve worked with lots of them over the years. Creating the shot was a calculated process, spending an entire day with model and dancer Charlotte Lodey practicing poses, lighting and execution, to ensure that when we finally received the dresses for the shoot, everything would be perfect.

The final shot used five Bowens flash heads; two lighting the white background, one to the far left lighting the piece of pink material, a second main light with beauty dish just to the left of camera and a final light on the right to fill shadows. I worked on photoshoots with Charlotte countless times and we produced some very successful images.

It is quite a while since I have shot anything fashion related and my practice has changed significantly, however it is something that I got a great deal of enjoyment out of and would be very interested in taking it up again. If there is anyone in the North East of England (or anywhere for that matter) who would be interested in collaborating at some point in the future please get in touch.



An incredibly difficult project about possibly the worst experience of my life. When my wife Suzanna was diagnosed with cancer in 2018, I put the camera between myself and the disease. It was my way of coping with the situation. The intention was to document her journey through treatment and eventually overcoming the cancer.

Unfortunately twenty days after diagnosis, on 23rd December 2018, she died at Willowburn Hospice in County Durham.

This is my final project for my Degree at @sunderlanduni which will be exhibited at Sunderland University during June 2020.
My intention is to provoke discussion about the subjects of cancer, terminal illness, grief and how we navigate the emotion of dealing with the death of a loved one.

I have already had an incredible amount of support and feedback from so many people with this project. In particularly @gilespenfound my mentor from the very start of my photography journey, who once again, twenty years later, has made me question my approach and the motivations of my work.

And thank you to my fellow students and staff who helped yesterday, deliberating and discussing my first round of test prints @if_i_say_its_art @michaeldaglish @lesatarn @craigames.artist @kezbeautyman98 @micaonfilm @venetiaparkins @zarronbarnes
and Peter Fryer


Brilliant performances from all who competed in the Women's British powerlifting Championships.
Videos and still images available from


Missing the simplicity of this place. The days went so slowly. No electricity or running water, a million miles from anywhere, candle lit conversation and phones relegated to redundancy. Since I returned home the days are disappearing at an incredible rate.
Taken very early morning, lit by moonlight ( inspired by the work of @bamford_alex ).The night was absolutely still and was coloured by the ever so slight presence of Aurora. So peaceful you could almost hear the trees breath.