Powerlifting & Strongman

In association with Fatboy Strong Photography, Simon Green is filming at powerlifting and strongman events.
For £40 we will provide a one minute highlights video of your best lifts set to music. Perfect for uploading to instagram, facebook and other social media platforms. To order click the button below.

During the order process please add a note in Paypal with the event and class you were lifting in and a description of yourself and what you were wearing for identification purposes or email the details to simon@simongreen.co.uk I will always send a confirmation email when you order. If you do not get a message within 24 hours, please check your spam or try an alternative way of contacting me, I can be contacted through either instagram or facebook.

Videos will be sent to you through an online download service. Videos are rendered in full HD from 4k footage and are perfect for use online. The videos are shot in a 16:9 standard rectangular format, which is the best fit for most online platforms. By default the videos will upload as square on instagram, to upload in the original 16:9 format so that the edges don’t get cut off, there is a button with two arrows <> when you select the video in instagram, which will change the format.