Artist or photographer? Where do I fit in with ‘genuine artists’, artists who have proven reputations, fine art disciplines, paint on their hands? Is photography even art?

A rethinking of the traditional photographic and painted portrait, to fit with modern viewing methods: a series of moving images that show artists in their studio environments. Designed to be displayed on vertical High Definition screens with sound (try playing multiple videos at once), accompanied by short interviews.

It is also intended to question the way that we view images in the electronic age, the images are in a portrait (upright) format to fit phones and tablets or as multiples on a laptop or desktop screen. On 20th June 2018 Instagram launched IGTV a long-form video platform that stood alongside Instagram (, it was vertical-only orientation. Because of the public outcry against the vertical orientation, horizontal orientation was added a year later ( This raises questions about how the way we have viewed images, both moving and still, in the past effects current technologies.

Dale Hardy
Self Expressionist
Beth J. Ross
Artist / Painter
Alison Diamond
Simon Green
Photographer / Filmmaker
Andy Parkin
Painter /Sculptor
Kathryn Thompson
Maker / Community Artist